Immune Boosting Soup with Shiitake Mushrooms

Shittake Mushroom and Chicken Soup – is a great immune booster. This is an easy family friendly recipe to make on the stove or in the slow cooker. Shittake mushrooms have amazing immune boosting properties and the garlic, leek and parsley in the soup are naturally antibiotic and anti-viral and help to break down mucus secretions, making it the perfect if you have the sniffles.

Super Pumpkin Soup

We spent the last long weekend relaxing at my partner’s family farm in Coolangatta, near Berry on the south coast of NSW. They have an amazing organic vegetable garden where we picked a heap of fresh herbs and veggies before coming home to make this soup.

I used red lentils and tahini to add some protein, good fats and a calcium boost in addition to pumping it full of the immune boosting garlic, onion, leek and parsley.

These immune superstars are naturally antibacterial, antiviral and can break down mucus secretions which makes them a must for winter. Enjoy!

belinda love